How Long do Removals to Switzerland Normally Take

Do you live in Austria, France, Germany or another EU country and are planning a house move to Switzerland?

Do you need to organize a removal to Switzerland but are not really sure how long it will take?

Here are a few things you will need to know about Removals to Switzerland, including just how much it may cost you.

How long do removals to Switzerland take? -- It depends on the removal company you use for your move, and if you will be needing an entire moving van for your move, or if you only need part of one.

Removal companies usually guarantee a moving time of between two days to a week, from pick up to delivery. Part of that time frame depends on which European country you are moving from when you move to Switzerland.

If you need an entire moving van, your move to Switzerland will usually be faster as the van does not have to stop at several other places to deliver other people's belongings.

If you are only renting part of a van, however, it will take longer as the van will have to take detours to several other places on its way to you.

How much do removals to Switzerland cost? -- Again, it depends on if you need an entire van or just part of one, as every removal company charges by volume.

If you are only using part of a van for your furniture and belongings, they can start as cheaply as just under 300 euros if you choose the right company.

Getting quotes -- Remember to get at least five quotes before you commit to a removal company.

This will give you a chance to see what industry standard prices are like, and then choose from among them.